Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chase's Helpful Invention

Well, Madi had a long talk the other day with her brother. She was a little bit upset because she is ALWAYS the one who doesn't have any toilet paper. She told him he needs to start getting toilet paper because she is ALWAYS stuck in the bathroom. (Truth be told she really always is...)It was quite a funny conversation. Even funnier was the invention that Chase made for Madi to help fix the problem. Now she can wear the TP Belt and never have to be stuck in the restroom again!


  1. YOU HAVE A BLOG! Look at your cute kids! They are so big. And your new cute! So glad we can track each other now! I think of you often! I will be checking on ya! Charese

  2. That's so funny! Great invention Chase, and way to keep him in line Madi. :)