Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scout Camp

I remember thinking when Chase was a baby (and we only had one baby) that wow what a great year...full of "firsts". But every year it seems like I am thinking that. Chase's first bike ride, Chase's first trip. Well this year Chase got to go to Scout camp for the first time. I was lucky and became the assistant to the scout master just before camp, so I got to go. Gracie got to go too, but I am not so sure she would say she was lucky. The first day was Super Hero Camp, and the second day was Jurassic Journey. Chase liked the second day better because it involved lots of rocks. Sling shot a rock, find a crystal rock, dig in the dirt for rocks. He loved rocks when he was 2 and still does now that he is 8. I was surprised how much stuff they actually did. They also did some fun things without rocks. One of my favorites was a race where they put together sprinkler pipes and joints. They raced in teams to connect the pipes from point A to point B. The team who could run water down the pipe without leaks, was the winner. They also did obstacle courses, skits, shot bb guns (Gracie and I stayed FAR AWAY), bow and arrow, sling shots and one of Chase's favorites...the stores. I had to remind myself I was there as a scouting assistant not a Mom. Many times I wanted to say...let's not do that, or you are getting your outfit dirty, or don't buy that it's just JUNK. But I refrained... Chase cannot wait until next year. He thinks we should have Scout camp more than just once a year.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Campout

We ventured into the great outdoors this weekend with my sister Jennifer and her family. We drove up late Friday night. Basically leaving us enought time to pitch our tent, and eat a batch of delicious home made scones that we smelled rising in the back seat for the 1 1/2 drive up the canyon. On Saturday our Grandma and Grandpa Carn joined us as well as Great Aunt Lisa and old grandma grandpa (my Mom's parents). Going on walks with our dog Tiger, and Lisa's dog Pepper were some Madi's most enjoyable times. Chase liked playing catch and hacky sack with Jake as well as hours of cards. It was Gracie's first venture into the wild and she did really well. She loves being outside so I wasn't surprised. Although nursing was an adventure in itself. I need a comfy chair, not an air matress for nursing in the early am. Sitting around the campfire was my favorite, as well as eating until I felt like I needed to explode. We always bring up so much yummy treats

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Chase at Lake Powell

Chase catching air off the wake

Chase wake boarded outside the wake for the first time.

Madi at Lake Powell

Madi had fun on the tub and knee boarding for the First Time!

Gracie at Lake Powell

Gracie's first Lake Powell trip

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Keeping up with the times"

I use to pay for things by signing a check, until my sisters convinced me that debit cards are how people pay for things. I decided to try and "keep up with the times."

I use to journal with a pen and notebook, until now my sisters have shown me people use a webpage to type their history. So...here goes...My first attempt at journaling and "keeping up with the times."